John Wilson

Client Centered

About Me:

Since I could remember I have always been struggling with my weight. Always playing sports, I could never get my weight down. Failing over, and over again throughout the 90's, and 00's. 10 years ago I decided to change, and not allow myself to quit. My lifestyle went from one of sedentary, and poor nutrition. To one of activity, and nutritiously fulfilling. In the span of 14 weeks I was about to drop 100lbs, going from well over 300lbs to nearly 200lbs. It was then that I decided helping others achieve their weight loss goals, as well as promoting a balanced healthy lifestyle was my passion.

National Academy of Sports Medicine- Certified Personal Trainer
National academy of Sport Medicine- Certified Nutrition Coach
ACE- Certified Personal Trainer
National Council of Certified Personal Trainers- Certified Personal Trainer

Weight Management and Weight Loss
Strength and Flexibility
Corrective exercises, and Disability Training
Nutritional Education
Progressive Overload Resistance Training

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