Jimmy Simmons

Client Centered

About Me:

Born in Chicago, Illinois Jimmy Simmons had an innate athletic ability from the get-go.  Always the fastest student in his class and was able to maintain a competitive edge over his peers. Ultimately leading to a lifelong career in athletics. 

Jimmy moved from his hometown to Oakland, California, which is where he found his passion for organized sports.
 While attending McChesney Jr High Jimmy played guard on the basketball team, was a undefeated Wrestler, played first base on the baseball team and was the teams best hitter.   After transferring to Clairemont Jr High a year later, Jimmy played Basketball alongside baseball legend Rickey Henderson on their eighth grade basketball team at Claremont Junior High.

Jimmy and Rickey would continue as teammates in football through high school.

In high school Jimmy started varsity football his sophomore year. Holding the position of cornerback, Jimmy was able to quickly navigate the field and understand and execute strategic plays that helped lead his team to victory.
 Junior season Jimmy was voted the Most Inspirational Player and was Awarded All Conference Cornerback, which contributed to his reputation as a top performer.
 Jimmy made the decision to hone his running skills by joining the track and field team.  He excelled at the 100-yard dash, 220-yard dash, and the long jump and was a Northern California Leader in these events.
 Jimmy's senior campaign was exceptional. His team took second place in the OAL. Jimmy received All American Running Back Honors,  All Conference Running Back 1st team, MVP Running Back and won Northern California Player of the Week 2 times.
 Jimmy accepted a football scholarship offer from the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Jimmy participated as a free agent at the San Francisco 49ers and Atlanta Falcon's free agent training camps, which opened up the door to signing bonuses with the United States Football League (USFL) and the Canadian Football League (CFL).

 Jimmy is a firm believer in hard work and his tireless advocacy for athletics has made him a pillar in the fitness community.
He has managed various fitness centers across the country for over 30 years. His hope is to share his experiences and knowledge with as many people as possible through Simmons Performance USA Inc. 

Jimmy received his associate of the arts from Ohlone Jr College in Fremont, California in 1980. 

Certified Personal Trainer Certificates:
ACE-American Council on Exercise
ISSA- International Sports Sciences Association
UNLV- HPER Health, Physical Education, Recreation

Past experience and clientele in the MLB, NFL, Track, Basketball, and Bodybuilding:
*Damian Jackson: San Diego Padres
*Dave Battle: CFL defensive back
*Alhambra High School, Sprinters coach- Track
Manager & Head Trainer
World Gym of Berkeley (4 years)
California Health Club (14 years)
Bally's Health Club Chicago (4 years)

*Vanessa Santibanez: contest training, 2-1st place, 2-2nd 
*Meagan Lynch: contest training, 2nd place 20
*Tyrone Stuart: contest training, 5-1st place, 1- 3rd place
*Zach August: contest training, 3rd place
*Marta Bolo: contest training, 1-2nd place, 1-3rd place
*Debra James: contest training, 4-1st place
*Britney Calhoun: contest training, 1-1st place 
*Dexter Jackson: contest training, 5-1st place
*Jimmy Simmons: contest training, 1-1st,4-2nd, 1-3rd place